Bylines at The San Francisco Examiner, The Stanford Daily, and Stanford STATIC.

Prop E: Finally! Affordable Housing For Teachers and Families

The Affordable Homes for Educators and Families Now measure is designed to be a one-two punch with this year’s affordable housing bond measure. Prop A raises money for affordable housing, while Prop E frees up the land- thousands more sites- for cheaper and quicker affordable housing development. It also pilots a first-of-its kind “teacher housing” program, created in partnership with both the SFUSD teachers and City College faculty unions.

Anti-Transgender Campaign Shows Lack of Awareness and Education

The acronym LGBT (short for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) has largely surpassed “gay” as the socially acceptable term for referring to sexual and gender minorities. LGBT sounds newer, younger, and more progressive. But how much attention is really paid to the fourth letter? Many newspaper articles speak of LGBT issues while only enumerating “gays and lesbians” as the relevant population.

Paving the Way for White Allyship

In preparation for writing the essay “Tradition is a Choice We Make: Connecting to Antiracist History” within his book White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son, Tim Wise conducted informal interviews with white acquaintances. He asked them each to name a historical figure who was a white ally to the racial justice movement. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority answered Abraham Lincoln or met Wise with blank stares. While Abraham Lincoln, who declared in an 1858 speech that he “